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Praise the Lord. Halleluyah!!!

I have been married for over six years. I have been having delayed in child bearing all these while. All medical and clinical approach to get pregnant failed. I was advised to go for deliverance in prayer city and after the conclusion of my one week deliverance in prayer city, I came to expectant family in the headquarters for another deliverance program but I could not complete the deliverance due to the pressures from my in-laws. My in-laws threatening to get another wife for my husband and this push to go to a commercial prophet for assistance. The commercial prophet duped me of four million naira. As a bank manager that I am I have Two millions in my account and another two million that I borrowed which I gave to the prophet. Before then I have attempted IVF four times two times abroad and two times in Nigeria. Because when all these failed and I was left without money and I ran in debt, I now found my way back to expectant family department after one whole year. I reconciled with God and asked for forgiveness of sins and the Lord Almighty answered my prayers and blessed me with a baby girl

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