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Sister Odim

I got married in 2014, I thank God for divine visitation to my hometown. After my wedding I started looking for the fruit of the womb, after a year and half (11/2 year), my mother in-law told me that they will get an herbal medicine for me, and I rejected it, but they went ahead and brought the herbal medicine for me to drink but I abandoned it and refused to drink it. In January 2016, my elder sister invited me to the Expectant Family 5-days deliverance programme. The first day I God attended the programme, God of MFM visited me, and blessed me with the fruit of the womb, throughout my pregnancy, I did not go through or feel any pain. So in October 2016, I delivered a baby beautiful baby girl to the glory of God. Praise the God of MFM.

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Sister Anya

I got married in 2014, after some months, it was as if I will never get pregnant and as I was waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb, people started saying different things, some mocked me, some said my age will be a barrier because I am 40+ years, and doctor even said it is infection. But I ignored them and poured out my heart to God in prayer. One day as I was passing by the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Int’l hqtrs, I was moved to enter the auditorium to pray, from there I joined breakthrough clinic. It is from breakthrough clinic, I received MFM Expectant Family flier and that was how I joined the group, anytime I attended the programme I always prayed with a broken heart but God in His infinite mercy, visited me and I conceived. During my pregnancy, I did not experience any problem or pain and on the day of my delivery, God made a name for Himself. There was no complication, I delivered safely to the glory of God. The Lord broke every barrier and gave me a bouncing baby boy. Praise the Lord!!

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I got married in 2005 and waited until three years after I took in but at the eighth month the baby was still birth at the time of delivery, there was another conception in 2010 after two months, I miscarried it and it was evacuated. In May 2012, I conceived again, the doctor said it was an ectopic pregnancy and I will be operated upon, that was when I started praying and after prayer it came out by its own self after two months.
In September 2012, in the morning when I was preparing to go to the office and I was listening to “koko inu iroyin” on the radio was when I heard about the MFM Expectant Family and I came for the programme, that same month I visited my gynecologist that told me to go for a test that costs ₦33,000 at the Luth and instead of going for the test I decided to challenge God and I told Him I have not paid that kind of money for tithe before why will I pay it to the doctors, so I came to the pastor in charge at the Expectant Family and sow the money to God, he prayed for me and sent me for deliverance and after many prayers, I conceived and by the grace of God I conceived in 2013 and I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy to the glory of God and to the shame of the devil. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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Praise the Lord. Halleluyah!!!

I have been married for over six years. I have been having delayed in child bearing all these while. All medical and clinical approach to get pregnant failed.

I was advised to go for deliverance in prayer city and after the conclusion of my one week deliverance in prayer city, I came to expectant family in the headquarters for another deliverance program but I could not complete the deliverance due to the pressures from my in-laws. My in-laws threatening to get another wife for my husband and this push to go to a commercial prophet for assistance. The commercial prophet duped me of four million naira. As a bank manager that I am I have Two millions in my account and another two million that I borrowed which I gave to the prophet.

Before then I have attempted IVF four times two times abroad and two times in Nigeria. Because when all these failed and I was left without money and I ran in debt, I now found my way back to expectant family department after one whole year.

I reconciled with God and asked for forgiveness of sins and the Lord Almighty answered my prayers and blessed me with a baby girl

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We got married in May 2008 and before then a man who supposed to be a friend to the family told us that if we got married we wouldn’t have babies. We prayed against it.

In June 2008, I didn’t see my period; I was excited thinking I was pregnant so I allowed that month to go while waiting for further manifestations. By the next month July 2008 the period didn’t still show and by this time I was not having any sign or symptoms of pregnancy. To be doubly sure, I went for a pregnancy test which came out negative. I didn’t want to take chances as I did scan and the report showed that everything was normal. I knew then that the enemy wanted to afflict us.

Luckily, there came this night vigil organised by marriage clinic group in august 2008 at the MFM headquarters. My husband and I seized the opportunity and came in faith that our prayers would be answered. We were told during the programme that if anyone misses her period the person should call.

In October 2008 I missed my period so I called and I was being prayed for. After that I went for pregnancy test and I was confirmed pregnant. I joined the pregnant prayers after service on Sundays, though the enemy struck again during 12th week into the pregnancy. I had a very severe all-night stomach ache that led to rushing me to the hospital in the morning and it was diagnosed to be cysts (a growth) and I was told that it would affect the growth of the baby. I had a surgery done and God still kept my blessing untouched.

At the hospital I was sent to do a scan to confirm the pregnancy and the size of the ovarian cysts. The sinologist who did the scan seeing that I was pregnant, tapped into the cysts with a needle through my stomach and gave us the sample to take back to the hospital. On reaching there, the doctor saw the sample given and screamed due the ruptured of the cysts and that I cannot survive next few hours without a surgery done on me.

In the theatre, when I was opened up it was discovered that the ruptured cyst had spilled into the stomach and the surgery should have taken place maximum 2 hours, I had to take 4hours. At this time my husband called one of the Pastors who came to the hospital and stood with us in prayers till I was willed out from the theater.

When I became quake, I noticed a tube was passed through my nostrils to my stomach to drain the spilled fluid. I did not take any food or water for 6 days after the surgery because of peculiarity. I had another scan done still confirm the pregnancy intact, though they said it was impossible for me take in but I thank the God of MFM, surely the Lord is in this place and that the God of Olukoya is alive.